27 - 28 SEP 2024

This isn't just an event; It's a call to action. Together, let's shape the future of journalism.

Join us as we break down barriers and foster a sense of belonging within the European solutions journalism community.
27-28. September 2024,
Prague, Czech Republic
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About the event

Too often, passionate solutions journalism practitioners find themselves working in isolation, their valuable insights confined to silos. That ends now! Mark your calendars for a pivotal gathering that will redefine the landscape of European journalism.

Are you ready to be part of a movement that transcends traditional reporting? Welcome to the European Solutions Journalism Summit – a gathering unlike any other, where journalists and editors from across the continent converge not as mere attendees, but as active participants in shaping the future of journalism.

Keynote Speaker

Tina Rosenberg

"If the world started anew to design the journalism we need for society to thrive, every community would come up with solutions journalism."

Keynote Speaker

Tina Rosenberg (she/her) is the cofounder of the Solutions Journalism Network (SJN). She forges partnerships with people who want to spread solutions journalism to their own networks or create new SoJo products and projects. She is also a public voice of SJN.

Before SJN, she co-wrote the "Fixes" column in The New York Times with David Bornstein. She has also been an editorial and Sunday magazine writer at The Times. Before that, she wrote magazine articles and books. She has won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

Two days filled with activities,
dialogue and presentations

As mentioned earlier, the summit agenda will be directly informed by your preferences. Starting in late July, we will send out a survey to all registered participants. We’ll ask each of you to share more about what you want to focus on, things you want to learn, what challenges you’re facing, and more. From those survey responses, we’ll identify themes and patterns, and craft an agenda specifically designed for the participants who will be there in September.

For planning purposes, you can plan on the rough timing as follows (more details will be added the closer we get to the summit):

Two days filled with activities,
dialogue and presentations

Sep 27

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Sep 28

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Have you signed up yet?

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What is Solutions Journalism?

Solutions journalism is rigorous reporting about responses to society’s problems. It is complete journalism that not only spotlights the problems but follows an evidence-based presentation of existing solutions.

Such reporting enhances knowledge and accountability by providing the whole story to readers and offers constructive content in an age of media apathy.

why does solutions journalism matter?

In today’s media landscape, shrouded by increasing news avoidance and a lack of trust, solutions-oriented reporting responds to the need for more complete, constructive, and useful news.

Knowing what’s broken is not enough; to take action and become more engaged in society, people need to know how others are dealing with problems and what is actually working.


Read about the power of Solutions Journalism from Transitions' partners
“We focus on local journalism and the mentorship provided by the Transitions team was instrumental in achieving our desired outcome. Through workshops, consultations, and constructive feedback on our drafts, we gained valuable insights and adhered to the principles of solutions journalism while maintaining a critical distance from the solutions discussed.”

Jan Žabka

Journalist, Czech regional investigative newsroom,Okraj. (Transitions’ SOJO cohort)
“We published two solutions journalism stories covering Bosnian initiatives that are proving to be safe havens for older people who are connected by their loneliness and their desire to escape from it. The stories did really well on social media and we received some encouraging comments. One of them said, “Thank God that I read something nice in this terrible time.”

Vanja Stokić

Editor in Chief at eTrafika.net. (Transitions’ SOJO cohort)
“Our audience learnt about successful examples of inclusive schools in Ireland and Iceland. As Lithuanian schools will soon have a similar system, this topic is relevant for our audience. We received a letter from a mother who is raising a daughter with special needs and she thanked us as this story will help change the attitude of society and school staff towards these children."

Giedrė Trapikaitė,

Reporter, Lithuanian Radio and TV (LRT). (Transitions’ SOJO cohort)
“Throughout my journey with solutions journalism, I’ve experienced several ‘aha moments’ and one such moment occurred when I realized the transformative power of solutions-oriented reporting in inspiring positive change within communities and this reinforced my belief in the potential of journalism to drive meaningful social progress.”

Teodora Djurnic

Project Assistant at Montenegro Media Institute and Transitions’ grantee, Montenegro.
“I would love to keep practicing a solutions journalism approach to reporting as I feel it is something that benefits the audience, brings dignity to vulnerable groups and pushes forward a sense of hope that is lacking from general news and from social-issues focused journalism.”

Anna Maria Ciobanu

Journalist and Transitions’ grantee, Romania
“We reported on the topic of internally displaced persons (IDP) and their adaptation in new communities, especially in Ukraine. We also held an online event for various organizations handling this issue and this experience showed us an important route of setting our solutions journalism pieces in motion and creating an environment for real impact and change.”

Maryna Smahina

Senior Editor, Ukrainian newsroom, Rybryka. (Transitions’ SOJO cohort)

About transitions

Founded in 1999, Transitions is a non-profit newsroom and journalism training organization based in Prague. Our mission is to help build trust in independent, professional journalism and to foster a critically minded, informed, and engaged public, with a special focus on the post-communist countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union.

We do this through the publication of Transitions – an online, English-language magazine, which provides in-depth analysis and opinion on this region – as well as journalism training and news literacy programs.

Your Call to Action

This summit isn’t just an event – it’s a call to action for journalists and editors across Europe to come together and shape the future of our craft. Together, we’ll ignite a movement that transcends borders, one story at a time.

This summit is your chance to:

  • Connect with a vibrant community of solutions journalism practitioners;
  • Discover innovative approaches to reporting from your European peers;
  • Contribute your expertise and experiences to the movement; and
  • Feel empowered to champion solutions journalism in your specific context.

Experience the magic of historical
Prague, Czech Republic

the magic of historical
Prague, Czech Republic

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27- 28.9.2024

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